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Executive Search

It is a leading executive search firm that challenges the status quo and revolutionizes the industry.

Our mission is to assign extraordinary and diverse talents for every roles across all industries and functions. Our client organizations realize our efficiency through our unique, passionate, and holistic approach to finding leaders.
We assists clients by increasing their efficiency through team building and good management practices. We are a customer-driven company whose belief is to provide top-notch executive search .With years of experience, we are backed by a team of selected professionals who carefully monitor work trends.
Our team of experts must always meet, evaluate the ability of candidates and customers to meet their current and future needs. We are knowledge-driven and supported by consultants who are focused on developing talent by providing the best opportunities.

Bulk Hiring

Bulk hiring means the recruitment of a large number of employees. This is the process by which an organization recruits major candidates in a short span of time

If your organization has more vacancies, our bulk-hiring services will be suitable. The bulk-hiring method is implemented in different ways depending according to the company’s requirements. Starting the bulk-hiring process requires a lot of control as we hire professionally qualified graduates through different rounds. Our bulk-hiring services is a special initiative for large recruitment programs with clear start and end dates. Our talent specialists are committed to selecting the best features for the clients, and a very large applicant base is the main driving force for project recruitment.

Contract Staffing

We provide Contract Staffing Services through a comprehensive talent management solution from recruitment to retirement

We focus on people, process, and technology to increase company productivity by giving clients the opportunity to outsource staffing requirements and manage and develop their core business in the organization. Our recruitment process regulates the need for manpower; the payroll process is standardized and supports flawless payroll processing. We find suitable candidates, select them and then hire them as contract employees working under a 6-month or 1-year renewable contract to run a fixed- or short-term salary process.

Permanent Staffing

Triconn provides Permanent Recruitment Solutions that gives you access to fully qualified and screened candidates which will be the best for your industry

We have a strong team of recruiters dedicatedly help your organization to achieve its business goals. Our process is completely secure and ensures our clients that our candidates are the best in fastest times at all levels.

Training & Development

We provide Training & Development programmes which is focused towards the improvement of the manpower resources of the organization

The activities are often used to motivate employees and improve their commitment towards the organization. The employees really appreciate that they have given an opportunity to build new skills and improve their job performance. Employees feel that organization is totally committed towards the growth of their manpower resources so they like to be a part of training and development activities.

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Our Services

Bank Services

We are one of the top leading consultancies on banking services. We collaborate with you to conquer your challenge for your businesses. Our unique strategy combines comprehensive insight into the dynamics of businesses and will deliver you the best service..

IT Services

Undermining the need of acquiring skilled IT personnel is just unacceptable for any firm. In today’s world, IT is the backbone of an organization’s existence, and having the proper employees on board is critical for a seamless experience.However, finding suitable and dependable staff with the necessary IT abilities might be difficult.


We are here to assist you in selecting the best ones. Triconn is one of the most experienced recruitment consultants, that can provide you fast track services for hiring qualified & talented skilled employees.


Educational service plays a key function in today’s environment. It’s tough to find a skilled employee. We are here to address this problem, we are delivering the best consulting service.

Healthcare Service

We are offering to explore consulting services in the Healthcare industry, consultancy and implementation services provided by consultancies, industry research, and rankings of the top Healthcare consulting businesses. A segment for executives, managers, and procurement experts working in the Healthcare industry.

Financial Services

Based on our extensive Knowledge, we are giving extremely open and adaptable financial services which we trust will lead to a successful and be affordable to your employees’ needs.

We deliver a range of consulting services?

The question of why select us is tied to the value we deliver
Clients select us because they need expertise who provide effective business support.

Expert Team

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We combine our workforce intelligence, experience, and ability in recruiting.


Best Consultant Brand

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We are offering the best services in the consultant sector with our core expertise

Revenue Growth

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Fast Support

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